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Confessions of an Internet Marketing Survivor

I started in the Internet marketing industry in 2005 and was excited. The industry was like the wild wild west back then, and honestly, I had visions of striking it rich and retiring on a beach somewhere.

However, expectations fell short of reality. Even though I have done decent, I have yet to strike it rich.

I have learned some valuable lessons over my 19 years in the industry. Please allow me to share them with you.

Jumping From One Opportunity To The Next

The internet marketing world can be a jungle, with new shiny objects and crazy promises popping up 24/7. Those slick sales pages make it easy to get lured in and think, “THIS is finally the golden ticket!” Only to quickly lose motivation or realize it could be a better fit.

Before you know it, you’ve spent a small fortune on courses, coaching, and systems that gather virtual dust on your digital bookshelf. I’ve been there, too—telling myself, “But this one sounds so good!” and then getting distracted by the next big thing before I’ve even really dug into the last thing I bought.

Looking back, I dropped over $1800 on all those half-followed opportunities and quick flings with the latest “get rich quick” craze. Money could have gone towards more practical things like bills, helping family, or a down payment on a sweet ride! It was a costly lesson in shiny object syndrome.

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Casting Too Wide a Net

The cousin to jumping from one shiny new object to the next is spreading yourself too thin. Do you know that old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”?

Some folks try to juggle too many balls at once and feel like they’re about to crash and burn faster than a candle in a windstorm.

Instead of stretching yourself thinner than a dime, why not focus all your energy on that opportunity that you have an interest in and genuinely believe can bring in a steady income?

Once you’ve had that opportunity to consistently bring in cash, maybe—just maybe—it’s time to consider adding another venture to your fleet.

But until then, keep your eye firmly on that prize and your stress levels as chill as a lazy summer day at the beach.

Trust me, you’ll get much more done and feel more in control of your life.

Being In a Too Much Of a Rush To Make Money

If you expect thousands overnight from your online business, you’re in for a rude awakening quicker than a bucket of ice water to the face. This industry requires an iron-clad resolve and enough patience to make a monk seem restless.

The harsh truth is that becoming successful in internet marketing usually takes time. Sure, many wannabe gurus love to flaunt the highlight reels of their massive launches and current beachside lifestyles.

But they conveniently leave out the years of thankless hustle, perseverance through nightmare setbacks, and a mountain of knowledge they had to accumulate through good old-fashioned trial and error.

Rome sure as heck wasn’t built in a day, and neither is any genuinely sustainable and worthwhile online venture.

So, if you’ve got an itch to make it big in internet marketing, get cozy with the concept of patience from the start. Celebrate all the small wins, and learn voraciously from your setbacks.

Falling For Grandiose Promises

In digital marketing, the old saying holds: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

While enticing offers may promise overnight success and wealth beyond imagination, it’s essential to approach them with caution.

If an opportunity sounds unreal, you could contact the creator for clarification. If you bought a digital product that does not meet your expectations, you could take advantage of the money-back guarantee if it has one.

You could also search online for genuine reviews from people who bought or used the opportunity.

I recently bought and reviewed the 100K Alliance online opportunity, as it has been getting a lot of online press lately. The creators claim they will work with customers until they earn $10,000 monthly.

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Wasting Your Visitors

One of the mistakes I made early in my online marketing career was not putting an opt-in form on my web pages to capture prospective customers’ email addresses.

With an email list, you have a direct line of communication to share valuable content and promote and nurture relationships.

In essence, email addresses serve as a gateway to building long-lasting business. The 100K Alliance membership has a module on building a profitable email list that can earn you money consistently.

At The End Of The Day

The path to online marketing mastery is lined with temptations, shiny objects, and more than a few brutally honest reality checks.

But those willing to stay the course with patience, focus, and a healthy skepticism? They’re destined to rise above the hype and harvest the internet’s incredible income potential.

But equip yourself with the wisdom shared here, and you’ll have a better frame of mind to earn a stable income. Keep learning, putting in the work, and trusting the process.

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