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The 100K Alliance: A Real Review

Welcome to the most comprehensive review of the 100K Alliance available on the internet.

Before I get into the review, please note that I am an affiliate of the program. I have actually purchased the program to give a balanced assessment of its pros and cons.

The 100K Alliance offers a ready-made online business you can operate from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

Is the 100K Alliance Business Opportinty A Scam Or Real?

Like other online done-for-you opportunities, you won’t have to create a website, handle orders, do customer service and copywriting, etc.

These are already done.

Your primary responsibility is to drive traffic and customers to your affiliate website, which is provided by the offer, allowing you to earn commissions on any purchases made.

This opportunity is perfect for newcomers to online marketing and intermediate marketers who have struggled to generate income.

However, the creators of the offer, Fergal Downes, Max Gerstenmeyer, and Trevor Carr, claim they’ll support you until you reach $10,000 in monthly earnings from your internet business. Is this claim legitimate?

As someone who has purchased this offer, I want to provide you with an honest review of the 100K Alliance and share my thoughts on this claim.

To succeed in an online business, you need a compelling product, an efficient marketing system, consistent implementation of that system, and support or coaching.

The 100K Alliance membership offers everything except your determination to succeed. Your success will ultimately depend on your efforts.

With a price tag of $497, this program isn’t cheap. You need to be prepared to put in the work to justify the investment.

If you usually jump from one offer to another in search of a low-effort opportunity, I recommend against spending money on this program.

However, the membership does come with ongoing support, so you won’t be alone if you encounter any challenges and need assistance.

Product Overview

The primary objective of the 100K Alliance membership is to guide you in acquiring highly targeted traffic to sell memberships.

The traffic can also be directed to any other product within the “make money in internet marketing” niche to earn commissions.

In addition to this, the program offers three bonuses:

  1. A module on learning how to launch your own product effectively
  2. A module on generating $2000 to $10,000 monthly through phone sales.
  3. A separate done-for-you product is included that you can market to earn additional commissions.
  4. Case studies of the creators using some marketing methods to make money.

Initially, I had reservations about the 100K Alliance membership structure, which requires customers to sell memberships to others to make money, and those customers would then need to do the same.

However, upon thorough review, I realized its potential benefits for newcomers and intermediate marketers struggling to achieve consistent online earnings.

This assessment is based on five key factors inherent in the program:

A valuable product;
Efficient and affordable methods for acquiring customers, including both free and paid channels that can be applied to any product in the online marketing niche;
A well-optimized sales funnel;
Attractive commission rates per sale; and
Reliable ongoing support.

These components contribute to the program’s higher ticket price point, yet it offers a genuine opportunity for individuals to establish a sustainable income online.

Please note that you will not be charged extra for membership updates and price increases. No matter the changes, you are grandfathered in at the price you paid.

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The Core Product

The core of the 100K Alliance membership is video modules #1–4, where you are shown how to use free and paid ways to get highly targeted traffic to sell memberships or any other internet marketing product. So, the product is the marketing strategy, and vice versa.

Modules 1, 2, and 4 have fewer moving parts. Module #3 is a little more involved. Implementing module #1 is best for inexperienced people looking to keep things simple.

The membership area is easy to navigate. The videos are well-explained and hosted privately on YouTube, so they play without buffering issues. They are also relatively short, making them easy to digest.

Let us look at the modules individually.

The Marketing Strategy Modules

Free Marketing Strategy Module #1: These videos demonstrate how to attract highly targeted customers to your 100K Alliance affiliate website or any internet marketing niche site without spending a dime.

This approach leverages existing businesses to generate commissions swiftly. However, the brief initial phase can be challenging, particularly for marketers lacking a reputation.

While members could use their personal funds to quickly overcome this initial hurdle, this would be costly.

Thankfully, within the private Facebook support group exclusive to 100K Alliance members, one of the creators lends his reputation to help customers through this initial phase at zero cost. This support is invaluable and will hasten the process.

Once the initial stage is completed, the remainder of the strategy, the bulk and most important part, can be either done by you or outsourced cheaply, as instructed in the videos.

You could spend a couple of bucks to outsource and earn hundreds from each outsourcing job.

Fergal Downes, a creator of the 100K Alliance, asserts that sales could materialize within 24 hours of implementation. He has done it, but based on the targeted nature of the traffic, his claim is possible for marketers with less experience.

According to the sales page videos, beta-testers averaged $2200 in earnings over 32 days using this free strategy. These results hinge on mastering the strategy to the point where it can be executed multiple times a day, either by you or your freelancer.

Additionally, anonymity is an option with this strategy, though revealing your identity can foster stronger customer connections and potentially higher long-term profits.

Free Marketing Strategy Module #2: These videos show you how to correctly use a specific social media platform to siphon off people interested in earning extra cash online and direct them to your offer.

This strategy can be implemented in just 30–60 minutes daily.

However, promoting low-ticket offers is a common pitfall, undermining the potential for substantial returns. The 100K Alliance program mitigates this issue by offering lucrative commissions.

This strategy also works better when you use your real identity and requires more creativity than module #1, though nothing fancy. If you want to keep your real name private, free marketing strategy #1 is the way to go.

Free Marketing Strategy Module #3: How to effectively and ethically piggyback off other people’s marketing to drive laser-targeted traffic to your 100K alliance offer.

For this strategy, revealing yourself is a better bet, but it can also be done anonymously. You must be brief in your messaging because long-form content would be counter-productive.

Therefore, you need to be more creative than in free marketing method #1, but nothing outrageous. The videos in this module show how to get several ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

I like the simplicity of this method, and yet it can tremendously drive hordes of traffic to your offer.

Marketing Strategy Module #4: These videos show how to capture prospective customers’ email addresses so that you can build a relationship and promote to them repeatedly.

This strategy is very well known but is not free and involves more moving parts than the other strategies. It would be better to wait until you earn consistent income from the free traffic methods before trying this method.

As you build a list of potential customers’ email addresses, they will go through your sales process, often referred to as a sales funnel in the internet marketing industry.

People using this strategy find it challenging to reach people’s inboxes with their marketing messages. This module shows how to keep your messages from customers’ spam boxes—precious information.

One slightly disappointing aspect of this method is that the 100K Alliance membership does not offer email capture pages that are tested to maximize conversions. Nonetheless, you are shown how to build one quickly yourself.

This marketing strategy also requires an email autoresponder, a free or inexpensive service. You will connect your autoresponder to your sales funnel.

All this may sound complicated to the inexperienced, but the video instructions simplify it.

Let us talk about the funnel in greater detail.

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Sales Funnel

As mentioned in Module 4, you will get video instructions on setting up a sales funnel optimized to earn you as many commissions as possible from the web traffic you send to it.

Here is an illustration of the funnel…

I like that this version of the funnel was designed after the creators of the 100K alliance tested the first version and found that it was not converting well. The change indicates that the creators are dedicated to their customers’ success.

The top arrow in the image above indicates your opt-in page (the prospective customer email capture page), where you would send the traffic.

Your prospects would first be exposed to the core 100K Alliance “mid-ticket” offer and then two upsells, which I will discuss in the next section. After that, they will get email messages promoting the products on the bottom part of the image—recurring commissions and lower ticket offers.

This process I just described makes up your sales funnel. An autoresponder, which you can use for free or cheap, is a service that will send your promotional message to your prospects on autopilot.

Your 100K Alliance membership provides promotional messages, which you will upload to your autoresponder with the click of a button when setting up the funnel. You can also craft your own promotional messages and promote any product you wish within the funnel.

The creators give members higher commission rates on the products in the sales funnel. You can request these preferential commissions in the members-only Facebook group.

Here is an image of a member’s post mentioning some of his sales from the funnel in the members-only Facebook group.

This sales funnel is not to be used with the free traffic methods in modules 1-2, although technically, it could. It is only to be used with Module 4.

Get 100K Alliance At The Best Price


As a 100K Alliance member, you can sell memberships and earn 50% commission on the $497 membership cost, totaling $248.50 per sale, and 50% commission on optional upgrades.

The first upgrade offers a $297 opportunity to increase your standard commission by $74, from $248.50 to $322.50. The second upgrade involves a one-time $197 payment to participate in monthly live coaching calls.

Unlike many online opportunities that offer low affiliate commissions, such as $10, $17, or $25, the 100K Alliance provides significant commissions. These higher commissions make generating a substantial second income or even a job replacing income much easier.

The allure of larger commissions addresses one of the primary challenges individuals face when pursuing online income opportunities.

Many people become discouraged by the small commissions offered by other programs, feeling that the time and effort invested in content creation and marketing are not adequately rewarded.

Since the 100K Alliance addresses this issue by providing generous commissions and low-cost yet effective marketing methods, the hope is you will be more inclined to take consistent action.

When you purchase a membership, you must apply for your unique affiliate link, which you will use to promote 100K Alliance for commissions.

To do so, follow the arrows in the image below of the membership area. You will then be prompted to enter your unique code, provided in this section.

You should be approved as an affiliate on the Warrior Forum Platform within 24 hours. To access your affiliate link, click the big blue button, and you will be taken to a page listing it.

You can withdraw the commissions you earn to your PayPal or bank account.

Get 100K Alliance At The Best Price


When you join the 100K Alliance, you’ll gain access to a Facebook support group exclusively for buyers. This group offers exceptional support, with the program’s creators promptly responding to customer questions about the marketing methods.

This support is crucial because it accelerates your journey to earning income. It helps you cover the program’s costs and make extra money sooner.

The creators also use the group to assist members who want to enact free marketing methods #1.

I’ve observed that many support groups lose momentum shortly after launching. However, this group has remained active and vibrant since February 2023, showing no signs of slowing down.

Additional support is available if you need it. After purchasing the 100K Alliance, you can invest in the second upsell: personalized monthly coaching for a one-time fee of $197. These live coaching sessions also include other participants.

While this upsell doesn’t offer one-on-one coaching like many coaching programs, it is an affordable alternative that does not come with a recurring fee.

Although I haven’t personally tried the coaching, one would expect it to be more personalized and comprehensive than the support provided in the Facebook group.

The creators of the 100K Alliance claim on their website that they will work alongside customers until they achieve $10K each in monthly earnings.

Yes, the creators will answer your questions in the members-only Facebook group. However, “working with you” to achieve a high income level suggests one-on-one coaching, which is not offered.

Earning $10,000 monthly through large commissions is feasible, though it requires significant time and effort.

Given this program’s large commissions, earning $500 to $1000 monthly seems achievable even for busy people.


This product has four bonuses; frankly, I did not find them appealing.

The first bonus is a video module on learning how to launch your own product online. Newbies will find this overwhelming.

I think the typical buyer of the 100K Alliance would not consider launching their own product right now. This is a more likely move once you have more experience and sales.

The second bonus is a video module on generating $2000 to $10,000 monthly through phone sales.

If you are comfortable selling this way, you could make much money. However, again, I cannot see the typical buyer of the 100K Alliance being interested in pursuing this opportunity.

The third bonus is a separate, done-for-you product that you get for free, similar to the 100K Alliance. You can earn additional commissions by promoting it using the marketing modules.

The final bonus is case studies of the creators providing proof of income from using the marketing methods in the 100K Alliance. These videos may motivate customers to work hard to make money.

Get 100K Alliance At The Best Price


In conclusion to this 100K alliance review, the program is a good start for newbies and even intermediate marketers who have been floating aimlessly from program to program and not making much money.

No technical setup, copyrighting, processing orders, or customer service is required to start earning commissions.

Your one task is to promote your affiliate website link using the free or paid marketing methods outlined in the program to earn commissions. Alternatively, you could cheaply outsource marketing method #1, quickly bringing highly targeted traffic to your offers.

If you are an advanced marketer, this offer is not for you unless your only intention is to promote it. You won’t learn any new tricks with this offer.

At $497, the price of the program is high, but the commissions you can earn are also high. With just three sales of this program, you will be in profit.

This program gives you the basics needed to earn healthy commissions: a high-converting offer, an effective free way to attract customers, big commissions per sale, incredible support, and free updates.

The creators’ claim that they will work with you until you achieve $10,000 monthly is a bit of marketing hype.

They will answer your questions in the group, but that does not qualify as personal coaching. As previously mentioned, group coaching is available as an upsell.

Yet, this program could earn you an extra $500 to $1000 monthly with modest effort.

If all this sounds good, then…

Get 100K Alliance At The Best Price